About Nita

Nita Nicholson is an author, poet and artist living in the UK.

Ms Nicholson lived with her Libyan family and two children in Libya in the 1970s. She spent many years visiting her husband, a political prisoner, in Tripoli and Benghazi prizons. While there, Ms Nicholson taught at the university in Benghazi.

WritingYears later, Ms Nicholson returned to the safety of the UK where she remained with her children. Already a graduate in Fine Arts from Leeds University where she had met her husband, Ms Nicholson went on to study for her Masters Degree in Applied Linguistics at Birkbeck College London – all the while campaigning for her husband’s release.

Reflecting on the long and dark years of state killings and disappearances, she returned to writing. When in 2011 the Libyan ‘street’ spoke out despite its fear of retribution, she was spurred on to conclude and share her first novel on the social impact of state terror.

Photos by Kathryn Chapman Photography.

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