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The support for Chameleon in my Garden has been phenomenal and I am grateful for your reviews. They help to give other potential readers encouragement to read this important story.
To have your review included here, please email me directly and I will upload them here.  Many thanks!
Download the US Tour Poster here and the US Press Release here (2014).
“I have just finished your book. I read it on holiday when in Ireland with my daughter and her friends. Having picked it, up I was riveted. I have always known that to live under a dictatorship must be unpleasant, but I have never really understood how power disseminates itself downward in such a pernicious way. I thought that the anxieties, especially those that were uncommunicable, were so clearly realised. It was a shocking ending, even though hope lingers on.”
– Adrian Mallet
“I saved your book for a space where I had decent time to read, and found it a completely compelling read. When one hears about oppression and surveillance it is all so general whereas the real horror is in the small details and the innocent things people do that land them with unforeseeable consequences. The novel provides an authentic window on the plight of an outsider trying to make sense of a different culture at a time of generalized suspicion and innuendo. The sheer horror of the story has stayed with me and is now hard wired into a part of my brain. I do think that it is a very special read. So many many congratulations.”
– Gillian Henchley
“I was drawn to this debut novel as an allegory for people’s struggle for survival in the increasingly complex world in which we all live. There is rich visual intensity in the backdrop of the Mediterranean coastline. The reader senses the pain of everyday life for people who struggle to survive in a harsh environment, more specifically under repression. It is a story as old as time itself, here refreshingly told anew. The author’s use of language and imagery makes the novel visually powerful, bringing the characters to life. It is one of those ‘you don’t want to put down’ books.”
– Anon
Download the UK Press Release here (May 2014).
“Superb book – well written, compelling read. Unearthing a lot of unknown facts that we should all be aware of and not bury our heads in the sand. Sometimes it is not easy to hear the truth.”
– Linda Mann
“A heartbreaking sorry about love, family and how hope is eroded. The description of Libya, the landscape and the way of life of the characters was excellent. The characters of the mother and father law were beautifully portrayed in detail.”
– MA

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