A Poem about wild


the shock of you

bright yellow-collared snake of you

slipping into my view

green of grass and shake

of writhing coils of you

a quick meandering you take

to somewhere blue and new

past the greening make of you

you take the moly river view

where water voles slake

their thirst from river’s dew and you

you skip and slide in fake

dance of fright that drew

flight with quickened loops of you

for a grassy camouflage of hue

for you are wild

it is the pace of your slithering

the race that caught my sight of wild

bright-eyed I thought you were

in glaring yellow eye dissembling

but later learned t’was collar born of wild

to scare the shadow looming there

that frighted and set you undulating

on a track for swift escape to the wild

in panic mode of biding where

the disguise of grass enfolding

shields you and leaves you in the wild

to shiver in your scaly coil there

not knowing that honoured and admiring

I was pleased our paths had crossed in the wild

if only for a moment’s flash there

because you are wild

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